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MR TAnker 800

We Manage Cost, Risk and Performance for:

  • Marine and Engineering Consultancies
  • Oil and Gas National and International Companies
  • Legal fraternity
  • Underwriters
  • Shipowners.

Utilising our fielded experience and academic knowledge, we mesh Marine Assurance capabilities with Systems Engineering techniques that delivers results for you.

Structural Risk-Based Solutions

We have experience with and provide Structural Design reviews and approvals:

RS Suite 800

We Provide RAM Analysis and FRACAS

We provide clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across the Maritime and Oil/Gas Industries from RAM modelling that can simulate the configuration, operation, failure, repair and maintenance of equipment to a highly configurable, web-based Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS).

RAMS Analysis focuses on the availability and safety performance of systems subjected to failure modes. By applying effective reliability techniques, together with dedicated software, we can help you make informed decisions regarding risk, efficiency, repair & maintenance.

We provide…

MWS Surveys

DP Consulting

Hull & Cargo Damage Surveys

Reliability Analysis/Management

Interested in what we offer? Get in touch below!

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