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We provide MRCM™ as a Platform to Optimise Risk, Cost and Performance.

Our MRCM™ Platform continuously monitors performance, maintenance history and equipment condition; it quickly identifies anomalies, highlights problems and prioritises actions. It is scalable across assets and fleets.


We provide not only the technical expertise in delivering optimised maintenance strategies through our MRCM™ platform, but also we train you in Reliability-Centred Maintenance techniques, ranging from 1-day RCM Executive Introduction courses through to RCM Facilitation Leader courses, thereby empowering you to take charge of your assets performance. We are always on hand to support where necessary.

We Provide Reliability Engineering Consulting.

We provide clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across the Maritime and Oil/Gas Industries. RAM modelling can simulate the configuration, operation, failure, repair and maintenance of equipment.


The inputs for RAM modelling will include the physical components, equipment configuration and maintenance.
RAMS Analysis focuses on the availability and safety performance of systems subjected to failure modes. By applying effective reliability techniques, together with dedicated software, we can help you make informed decisions regarding risk, efficiency, repair & maintenance.

Why choose us?

You can sit back and relax in the knowledge our dedicated, visionary team are behind everything we do at RELMAR. We take pride in our reliability culture, which enables us to achieve great things together every day.


We empower you to understand , quantify and manage risk that ultimately helps you improve your bottom line as well as demonstrate responsible asset custodianship. We do this utilising our unique MRCM™ Platform that powers its way through your assets taking advantage of the best science and engineering practices and Human-System processes, specifically designed around your business.


We provide…

Qualification/GAP Analyses (Technical & Business Process)

RCM Training (Executive, Introductory and Facilitator)

Full RCM Facilitation & Task Packaging

Reliability Engineering (FTA, FMECA, FMEA, Life Data, RAMS).

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