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About Us



To create a world where Human and Artificial Intelligence co-exist and work together to ensure machines serve humanity to their maximum potential. Humanity continues to depend on wealth generated by highly complex machines, automated business processes as well as the insatiable dependence on uninterrupted supplies of energy be it oil, gas, electricity, nuclear and  renewable as well as transportation systems such as aircraft, ships, trains all of which depend on the continued integrity of these physical assets.



We have maritime experience both at sea and in consulting that enables us to solve the toughest of problems in practical ways. We understand the people and operating practices in the harshest and remotest of industry, traversing Earth’s oceans and drilling on continental shelves. We understand how to balance risk, performance and cost.



Decades of practical industry experience are backed-up by high-performing professionals at PhD and Masters levels giving you confidence in our ability to deliver results for your business.

We help provide Greater Safety Integrity0%

We help provide Greater Environmental Integrity0%

We increase Equipment Availability and Reliability0%

Greater Maintenance Cost-Effectiveness achieved0%

We provide longer Useful Life of Expensive Items0%

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An Offshore Drilling Company - Return on Investment realized with RCM

…and counting

Kenneth Shakesby

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth has an MSc (Distinction) in Marine Surveying and educated to Master Mariner, having in excess of 22 years operational experience as a Deck Officer, Dynamic Positioning Operator, FMEA Auditor and Marine Warranty Surveyor on behalf of leading Classification Societies.


Kenneth’s Masters programme entailed an applied research project in the Application and Cost-Effectiveness of Reliability-Centred Maintenance to Marine Vessels, seeing a major advantage to adopt certain aviation processes to Maritime to improve safety and reliability, cost efficiently and preparing Maritime for the advent of the Smart Connected Era.

Dr. Mark Horton

Chief Technical Officer

Mark has an MA (1st Class Honours) in Natural Sciences/Theoretical Physics and a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge; having carried out early work on the properties of semiconducting polymers. He worked in a nuclear research laboratory, on early artificial intelligence systems, and on data analysis products.


In 1991 he began to work on Reliability-centred Maintenance with John Moubray, who pioneered the transfer of aviation maintenance techniques to general industry to integrate robust risk analysis techniques into the RCM methodology. In 1995 Mark founded ISC Ltd, which developed and distributed RCM analysis software and maintenance management systems. He was closely involved with the development of the UK Royal Navy’s RCM capability, and ISC’s RCM-based maintenance system is in use today by almost the entire UK Naval fleet.

Chris James

Director of RCM Training & Facilitation

Chris is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years experience implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)  – a process used to improve the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of physical assets through selection of the most effective maintenance techniques and one-off changes.


Chris was employed directly for 11 years by the late John Moubray, founder of Aladon Ltd, author of the best-selling book on RCM2 and credited with bringing RCM to wider industry outside of Aviation. Chris also developed and ran training courses to improve awareness of the range of condition-based techniques available, along with how to compare and evaluate these techniques based on technical feasibility and business impact.

Dr. Sohag Kabir

Reliability Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Kabir has developed methodologies based on probabilistic graphical models (e.g. Stochastic Petri Nets, Bayesian Networks) for reliability assessment of complex systems under uncertainty. He is experienced in a number of techniques that include Bayesian Networks, Markov Chains, Stochastic Petri Nets, LaTex, Fault Tree Analysis, FMEAs, Dynamic Fault Trees and Temporal Fault Trees. He has has authored/co-authored in excess of 20 academic Publications and Papers.

Dr. Ozgur Ozguc

Director of Structural RBI

Dr. Ozguc has 16 years demonstrable dedicated experience in key roles in large scale Tankers, FPSOs, Drill- ships and Drilling Platforms projects with major oil operator and major classification societies including design and construction and RBI principles at global top leading Shipbuilding Facilities.
Dr. Ozguc has authored and co-authored in excess of 18 academic Publications and Papers on Naval Architecture Structural Engineering and a PhD thesis in Hull girder ultimate strength and fracture toughness of damaged marine structures.