UK Research and Innovation - DIMOS Project - Relmar
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UK Research and Innovation – DIMOS Project

UK Research and Innovation – DIMOS Project

We are proud to be an official partner on the DIMOS Project and look forward to working with our partners to deliver a platform to global shipping.

What is the DiMOS Project?

DIMOS stands for Digital Monitoring of Ships. The project sets out to develop an integrated hardware and software platform capable of pulling together the monitoring and maintenance of the machinery, structure and auxiliary systems within a vessel. DIMOS will:

  • Integrate ship monitoring and maintenance systems into a single platform to avoid multiple fragmented on-board maintenance systems;
  • Provide a prescriptive diagnostic approach in addition to the standard predictive condition monitoring approach. By ‘prescriptive’, we mean that the system learns from its experience and is able to apply the same rules when an issue re-occurs;
  • In many cases, alleviate the requirement for manual interpretation of data that can lead to wrong assumptions and misdirected expenditure.

The project is scheduled to last two years and will be carried out by bringing together the combined expertise of six partners who have specialist skills in the required areas of development.  The UK government body Innovate UK understands the importance of this initiative and is providing approximately $2 million of grant funding for the project.  Briefly, in alphabetical order, the partners are:

Brunel University, London – highly experienced in data collection, signal processing and analysis techniques;

Icon Research – specialists in marine engine performance analysis and vibration-based machinery condition monitoring;

Kingston Computer Consultancy – services provider in IT, digital and engineering solutions, database technologies and user interfaces;

Relmar – UK-based Engineering consultants and developers of Marine Reliability-Centred Maintenance;

TWI – Cambridge-based global research consultants and developers of reliability-based algorithms in condition monitoring;

Vibtek – providers of on-board condition monitoring services and machinery analysis/trouble-shooting.

We are seeking innovative and forward thinking Shipowners, willing to challenge the status quo on Vessel Maintenance who may be interested in trialling a system.  This would be at no cost to you, but may entail some man-hours of crew time for installation activity.  But this will unfold as the project progresses. If interested, please email us at quoting DiMOS.